I have, over the years, hired several cleaning services and individuals only to be disappointed and feeling that I could do a better job myself, and that is what would end up happening. However, I work full time and enjoy playing golf one day of the weekend, which left me with only one day for chores and errands. So I thought I’d give it one more try and called Royal Maids.

I have been using their services for several months now on a bi-weekly basis. Steve is great to work with and on the few occasions I was home for their visit, the employees I met were very pleasant and hard-working. I was impressed with the extent of their efforts; for example, I noticed them polishing/dusting the front and sides of the furniture in the master bedroom. I am very pleased with the quality of their work and look forward to a lasting business relationship. I definitely would recommend them to anyone looking for high-quality cleaning at a reasonable price.